September 16, 2010
Evergreen Solar and Jiawei celebrated the start of production for their first 100MW integrated solar module production line.

WUHAN, September 16 – Jiawei Solarchina Company Limited and Evergreen Solar, Inc. today celebrated their start production of 100MW wafer to module solar power plant. This giant step is only the first phase of the 500MW module production and symbolizes the long term partnership between the two.


Wubei State representative and Dungwu government officials along with valued customers and suppliers came to Wuhan Optics Valley, where the production plant located and witnessed the grand opening of the 100MW plant.


Jiawei and Evergreen has been working closely and Evergreen has been one of the most important and valued partner of Jiawei. The plan was to reach 500MW by 2012 and 1.5GW by 2015, and bringing 1500 jobs positions to Wuhan.


When everyone is seriously considering low-carbon industry today, Evergreen Solar has already started its String RibbonTM technology,” says Prof Ding. during the welcoming speech “such technology we can truly call "low carbon solar", the development is boundless, we will supply the world with the most cost efficient solar power.”


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About Evergreen Solar, Inc.
Evergreen Solar, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets String RibbonTM solar power products using its proprietary, low-cost silicon wafer technology. The Company's patented wafer manufacturing technology uses considerably less polysilicon than conventional processes. Evergreen Solar's products provide reliable and environmentally clean electric power for residential and commercial applications globally. For more information about the Company, please visit Evergreen Solar and String RibbonTM are trademarks of Evergreen Solar, Inc.


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